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What is the price of a driveway gate in Gauteng

As the leading gate manufacturer in Gauteng,

we more often than not encounter customers seeking the cheapest quote for driveway gates. While this is entirely reasonable, some clients take it a step further by requesting multiple quotations from different manufacturers and then ultimately opting for the lowest price.

Here are several strategies manufacturers can employ to reduce costs during gate production:

1. Steel Grade Selection: Opt for lower-grade rusted steel to minimize expenses.

2. Steel Thickness: Use thinner steel sections while compromising quality and strength, 

3. Material Usage: Join shorter lengths of steel for the use on gate framework and reducing strength,

4. Painting Approach: 

5. using a cheap enamel top coat, and not using any undercoat or primer.

By implementing these practices, manufacturers can reduce their costs and quality while meeting customer demands for cheap affordability.

Written by Amazing Gates of Johannesburg

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