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How to do Repair to bent damaged sliding gates.

There are 3 ways to straighten a sliding driveway gate that has been bent the shape of a banana by an impact, The gate could be taken and laid down on the paving and driven over the bent bar or frame, (never perfect straight again,)

The second way the gate is laid down on the level paving and cuts are made on the bent section of frame then jumped on by a heavy workman, and flat bars welded on the cut sections to hold gate straight, ( this will make the gate look like a mess)

and our method is not to take the gate down but to leave in position on the rail and Use our 10 ton gate straightening machine. while gate is in position on the rail. Gate can be made perfectly straight by pumping in different spots on the gate frame, and all can be repaired and operational again within 2 hours ,

the cost to straighten the gate is only 20 % of the cost of a new replacement gate. And the straightened gate will be like new again.

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the best way to paint a metal gate in Gauteng South Africa. wash the raw steel with a degreaser and wipe down with a cloth doing this in full sun that will allow the water to dry quickly, then apply 2 coats of acrylic red oxide  paint orimer and allowing it to fully dry for 2 days, then paint on 2 coats of acrylic roof paint. Obtainable from excelsior paints in industrial Johannesburg, or from your local hardware.   

the longer the red primer is left to dry before applying the top coat the better. Painting with a brush and also using a mohair roller size determined by the size of the gate, leave to dry for 2 full days in the sun,   Roof acrylic paint is manufactured to last a lifetime in the sun and rain,   Written By 

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