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How to install a sliding gate track the correct way,

A solid concrete foundation is very important on a Sliding Gate

The importance of a very good solid sliding gate foundation in imperative.

A solid steel iron round bar rail of about 18 mm should be raised above the paving level by about 25 mm allowing the gate wheels easy movement from side to side,

the rail should not be below paving level as this would allow water, leaves, sand, twigs, and rubbish to accumulate and foul with the smooth running of the gate,

the foundation base should be a solid steel I beam or U channel, some unscrupulous gate installers use a square tube that invariably collapses under the weight of heavy cars and also rusts through and collapses due the water collecting in the metal tubing, Gate contractors use this tubing method so that cables can be pulled through under the paving, but this is the incorrect method and separate conduit pipes should be installed,

the foundation would also need a cage like frame under the foundation beams holding every thing firmly together in a well mixed cement, stone, and river sand mixture, and left to dry overnight,

Concrete Footing and foundation for Sliding Gates 

Sliding Driveway gates run on a metal 18 mm round bar track that needs to be on a solid concrete base. If you have a paved driveway  then it’s better,

The trench needs to be at least 200 mm deep  until into solid ground. The foundation is only supporting the weight of the sliding gate, not a house, so it doesn’t need to be too heavily constructed,

Although tree roots could lift the rail in future,

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