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Remote Gates,Steel double carports being erected now in Gauteng

Steel carports are made with 150x50x20 x2 mm high grade steel, the roofing is IBR galvanised sheeting, and the standard size is a 6 meter x 6 meters square, the gutter and down pipe is made of Marley plastic guttering, Marley Pipe Systems manufactures a range of plastic gutters and downpipes can be used in the assembly of rainwater collection systems by simply connecting to a water tank. In the absence of reliable water supply, a situation that is prevalent in rural areas, an alternative source of safe water is necessary. Collecting rainwater offers an opportunity to overcome this.

Definitely don’t go for the old method of having the gutters build into the frame and the leg of the carport as a down pipe,

Don’t let your carport look like an afterthought. Let us help you build a true extension of your home. Call Gavin on 0789392450.

the rusting caused having the build in guttter system inside the legs and framework is unbelievable terrible method, below are examples of the wrong and right ways to build a carport gutter system,






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