Address: 09 Van Wyk Street, Roodepoort

Metal driveway gates that you will fall in love with on the West Rand,

The most popular size gate is a 4 meters wide x 2 meters high sliding gate and motorised by a Centurion d5 smart 24 volt battery back up motor,

Amazing Gates in Johannesburg manufactures any size gate required and also any height needed in Gauteng,

Amazing Gates also sends a huge amount to our neighbour Zimbabwe and Malawi,

The most Popular type of gate is a sliding gate followed by a double swing or bi-parting gates,

all our makes are manufactured from the best material available in Gauteng, The painting of the gate is done very professional by cleaning the steel with a degreaser, then applying 3 coats of red oxide Primer and then final 3 coats of the required colour,

Amazing Gates will install in a 60 km Radius from Roodepoort,

we have been manufacturing metal gates since 1984 starting out from a single garage, loading the gates on a car roof and going to site to install,

Amazing gates have the same telephone number since 1984 and are still in the same Factory since starting out in 1984

Belowe we enclose a few of our most impressive builds to date,






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