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Scroll gates, you will love now manufactured in Africa

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Scrolls like you see on this typical wrought iron gate take a little longer to produce due to the scrolls that have to be made and bent, we will take a length of flat bar iron or steel and put into a red hot fire in our forge, when the steel is red hot we hammer it into shape and then bend it into the scroll shape that is desired. 0836294562

we take normal iron or steel and stick it in a fire to get red hot and once beater and bent with a hammer on an anvil into different shapes then it will be called wrought iron, because it’s been wrought into shape, we also manufacture wrought iron and glass front doors, wrought iron sliding gates, we have the most amazing front door security gates with scrolls and curly wurly designs,For a quote on a scroll gate call Raymond on 0836294562 manufactured by in Roodepoort johannesburg call Gavin on 0789392450

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Scroll gates and front doors,in Cape Town, Durban, Natal, Langebaan, orange Free State,

we install, auto gate, automatic gates, remote gates, remote control gates, electric gates, clicker gates, sliding automatic gates,

or Raymond at. 0836294562

Scrolls made in our forge


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