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If a sliding gate is  installed correctly it will be light enough to be pushed by a woman, rolling on 80 mm gate wheels with steel roller bearings allowing it to move along the property line very smoothly.

A sliding gate moves to the side to open and back again to close the entrance, taking up far less space than a duel swing gate that must swing inwards and outwards. There is also an option of installing a Centurion 24 volt Smart sliding gate motor, that it can be controlled by hand remotes, allowing entry and exit without exiting your car.

Choosing a sliding gate over a duel swing gate  is the better option as the duel gate takes up more parking space on a short driveway,

Also the sliding gate would only need 1 motor compared to 2 motors on a duel system,

An Automatic driveway gate will Increase your Property Value

Taking all the benefits you receive from a sliding gate into account, installing an automatic gate to your home will increase its resale value. 

Aside from the convenience and value it adds to your home or business, a sliding gate gives any potential buyer a sense of security.

The cost involved installing a sliding automatic driveway gate is the best spent home improvement money can buy, as your investment gets used  multiple times every single day, compared to a swimming pool that is used approximately 10 times a year,






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