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Wrought Iron And Glass Doors with Opening Windows, Now Available

Glass and steel doors

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we are often asked what is wrought iron , when a blacksmith takes a normal piece of black iron and heats it up red hot in a fire, then hammers it into a different shapes like scrolls or twists and bends it, then it’s called wrought iron, iron that’s been wrought into a different shape,
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You dont need an ugly iron grill security gate on your front door anymore!!!
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Glass and steel doors

You can have an all-in-one steel and glass wrought iron front door,
The front door is in steel and glass with very strong locks, and for fresh air flow through the house you simply open the glass windows on the door,
Westgate have been making security gates for the last 34 years,
Starting in 1984 in a small factory in Constantia Kloof,
And now operating from a large factory in Roodeport .
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