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Need Garden Gates near me, now in Gauteng,

Wrought iron courtyard gates can be obtained by calling Raymond at Amazing Gates on 0836294562 Web site for 120 photos of gates,

all our garden gates have heavy duty hinges and definitely not the bullet type hinge that cost less and causes plenty problems as the gate gets older, the bullet hinge cannot be oiled, and therefor rusts internally and snaps off the framework when forced to open, our heavy duty hinges that have brass fittings can be oiled and will last a lifetime,

we also use a Lince type lock that can be oiled and used a pear shape brass cylinder made for outdoor gates,

all our garden gates are mounted to a 40 mm poles. WESTGATE MANUFACTURING  


083 6294562. Established in 1984 IRON DRIVEWAY & PEDESTRIAN GATES Gates provide access to and from a property as well.

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Garden gates gauteng, Sliding Gates, call Gavin on 0789392450. Bent sliding gates, damaged gate, Gate bent, gate got a bend, repair sliding gate, straighten bent gate, Damaged sliding gate repairs, fix sliding gate,bumped into sliding gate, panelbeat the gate, Reversed into my gate, look at my damaged gate, give me a quote to repair, the large slider gate is bent, make straight.

or see website.

the best way to paint a metal gate in Gauteng South Africa. wash the raw steel with a degreaser and wipe down with a cloth doing this in full sun that will allow the water to dry quickly, then apply 2 coats of acrylic red oxide  paint orimer and allowing it to fully dry for 2 days, then paint on 2 coats of acrylic roof paint. Obtainable from excelsior paints in industrial Johannesburg, or from your local hardware.   

the longer the red primer is left to dry before applying the top coat the better. Painting with a brush and also using a mohair roller size determined by the size of the gate, leave to dry for 2 full days in the sun,   Roof acrylic paint is manufactured to last a lifetime in the sun and rain,   Written By 

Garden gate
Garden gates
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