Wrought Iron metal Gates made in Johannesburg by Remote Gates,

Our gates are tops ,

Wrought Iron Driveway Gate Designs.
Searching for the highest quality wrought iron driveway gates for sale? Amazing Gates is the leader in the industry!
we are often asked what is wrought iron , when a blacksmith takes a normal piece of iron and heats it up red hot in a fire, then hammers it into a different shape like scrolls or twists and bends it, then it’s called wrought iron, iron that’s been wrought into a different shape,
Give us a call at 0836294562 to speak with one of our personable sales people to get all your questions about sliding swing and bi-parting gates and designs answered, on your next wrought iron gate purchase contact us on whatsup
the best way to paint a metal gate in Gauteng South Africa. wash the raw steel with a degreaser and wipe down with a cloth doing this in full sun that will allow the water to dry quickly, then apply 2 coats of acrylic red oxide  paint orimer and allowing it to fully dry for 2 days, then paint on 2 coats of acrylic roof paint. Obtainable from excelsior paints in industrial Johannesburg, or from your local hardware.   
the longer the red primer is left to dry before applying the top coat the better. Painting with a brush and also using a mohair roller size determined by the size of the gate, leave to dry for 2 full days in the sun,   Roof acrylic paint is manufactured to last a lifetime in the sun and rain,
decorative wrought iron,
curly wurly gates,
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