Amazing gates manufactures the most beautiful rolling gates in Gauteng

we automate the sliding gate also

all our gates receive a good degreaser before the painting starts

we spray paint 3 coats of red metal oxide primer the 3 final coats of a good quality roof paint made for the harsh African sun and rains

call Gavin On 0789392450

Megan 0820778004

or check out our website fire more info

below are a few beautiful gates


101070C0-D5D4-4971-97C9-B46D833CE88C   ED3D121F-004D-481C-B9C6-D5D84359DCA0

E1C27D78-0B11-438A-86FF-8585A197E928  BEA4C142-3B61-4D21-A89C-64F695C96F9E

IMG-20190701-WA0004   IMG-20190701-WA0024

C7D02351-7501-42B8-9542-58A2BF86D0A4  IMG-20190701-WA0005  7D071250-85A3-4D98-90D1-1501D74A9FA9  30DA54EB-4DA8-4418-A166-A777D0B355FE