We undertake the repainting of driveway gates in Gauteng,

best paint to use for metal gates

we will Sand down  rusted spots and repaint the whole gate with a red oxide primer and the repaint the entire gate with a quality roof paint that has been manufactured for south Africa sun and weather ,

we use a range  of Colour’s except white .

Please contact Raymond on 0836294562

ar amazinggates.co.za



0A4A1FBD-DD42-45C5-9DD6-93ED2CCA8EB0   C7D02351-7501-42B8-9542-58A2BF86D0A4

6C39AFAD-E83C-4C7A-BE68-BFC7D1C9A6B3   Steel plated gate

19C37BCC-AD6C-4153-96F2-1AF6D5B4D55E   E1D33BB4-C0AB-4714-A567-87AEE0039692

61E57794-E19A-4296-AF53-CB257750D1C2   AA5DEE15-8160-43FA-A594-83ABEAE170D5

7B9A0785-2C32-40D6-99D7-AD61B0C93CB7   IMG_6245



Here we see a charcoal gate standing against a Matt black driveway gate that we have recently painted

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