If you are needing quality driveway gates or security gates you have to deal with me, I am the most helpful trustworthy person that you could ever hope to meet,

Ray   0836294562

Here is some very good advice for people searching for metal gates,

OR any home improvements

Before accepting a quote from a business!

Please search for  the company on google maps

Then click on   REVIEWS

   read all the reviews and complaints from there customers ,

You definitely don’t want to lose your deposit!!!

So you just gotta check them out!

If you don’t do your homework you will be scammed!

Raymond Risseeuw, 0836294562

I started WESTGATE Manufacturing in 1984 and we also now manufacture the amazing gate range of wrought iron gates,

there are 4 other gate manufacturing guys using my copyright photos on there website, they obviously can’t make there own quality gates,

we have over 40 reviews on google all 5 STAR reviews,

call Gavin on 0789392450

Call me on 0836294562

office. 0117662656.    ( have had this phone number since 1984)

look at this quality below:






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